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The Camrose Primary Care Network exists to meet the primary healthcare needs of Camrose and Area through collaborative, comprehensive team based patient care.

The Camrose PCN has 42 Camrose PCN family doctors and 29 Health Care Providers serving over 34,000 people, are located in the communities of: Bashaw, Camrose, Daysland, Forestburg and Hardisty.


A PCN is not necessarily a bricks-and-mortar building – it is a “network” of family physicians and health care providers working together to provide primary care to patients. A PCN may be composed of one clinic with many physicians and support staff, or several physicians in several clinics across a geographic region.

Each network is unique and has the flexibility to develop programs and provide services that meet the specific needs of its patients. This grassroots approach allows – and encourages – the PCN to focus on the needs of the local patient population.


Primary care is the care you receive for most of your everyday health needs. This includes regular checkups, care for chronic diseases, health advice, counselling, and more.

The Camrose PCN Team are committed to a team-based, patient centred care approach for your general primary care.

You have a team of healthcare providers working with your family doctor to come up with a health plan that is best suited to your needs. This means you will receive more interactive and more relevant health services as your health plan will be developed through the cooperation of a number of healthcare providers. And now, everyone is working towards the same goal and kept up to date on the status of your health! Patient centred around you!

There are now 42 PCNs operating throughout Alberta with more than 3,000 family physicians, and more than 1,100 other health practitioners.

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