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"I like the holistic approach – all my health concerns considered together."
"I am getting healthier...I appreciate the support to do this and learn more along the way."
"I enjoyed and learned a lot from the PCN team"
"The nurses at the Prenatal Clinic were wonderful to me during my pregnancy. Their expertise and kindness really helped prepare me as I journeyed into motherhood."
"The staff are friendly and respectful of my choices in my health care. If you need information or just have a quick question, they take the time and have the answers. You are treated like a person, not a number."
"Everything was very well explained in terms I could understand which is very appreciated."
"I have found the staff at the Camrose PCN very helpful: nurse, dietitian and especially the pharmacist. I appreciate the attention to detail, and the friendly advice. This has been so helpful to me and is a very fine resource to Camrose!"
"The New Moms’ group was the perfect starting point for myself as a new mom. I received reliable information and had many of my questions answered about having a new baby. It took the mystery out of being a new parent."
"Very appreciative to the doctors and nurses who took the time to help and explain things to me. Very glad there are so many people here to help welcome my experience. Glad everyone is always in a good mood."
"It’s been a great experience..."
"My birthing experience with my daughter was less scary because of how great the prenatal nurses prepared me!"
"Wonderful – looking forward to my next visit."
"I would recommend the Grief and Bereavement workshop to others – hopeful leads to connections of individuals who can share the journey and grow and heal"
"I now understand why I feel the way I do "
"Thank you to the doctors for supporting the Grief and Bereavement workshop… everyone was very thankful for the information to help ourselves and our families..."
"Learning about the available resources and classes for support and education was helpful."
"It didn’t seem like an overwhelming process; small steps make a big difference."
"Had a great time, lots of good information."
"Very informative."
"I feel that this will give me the boost I need to get started, we are fortunate to have this available to us."
"I’m really glad I came tonight – worthwhile class!!."
"Excellent program."
"Support from the group."
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