Behavioural Health Consultant

How it works:

  • Offers a broad range of services, from emotional support to referrals for community resources for you and your family members and caregivers
  • Works closely with your primary health provider to help develop a personalized plan that addresses the physical, behavioral, and emotional aspects of health.  Together we will help to develop skills, change habits, and use available resources to better manage problems affecting health and well-being
  • Offers group programming
    • Anxiety to Calm (Adult or Youth)
    • Relationships in Motion
    • Journeying Through Grief
    • Happiness Basics
  • Anyone can self-refer by calling the PCN or talking to your family doctor.

What to Expect?

The Camrose PCN Behavioural Health Consultant will:
  • Offer short term counseling for the following:
    • Anxiety (mild-moderate)
    • Depression (mild-moderate)
    • Behavioural Issues
    • Chronic Health Conditions
    • Community Resourcing
    • Financial Concerns
    • Grief
    • Relationship Issues
    • Stress
    • Self Esteem
    • Prenatal Loss
  • Help patients with financial barriers;
  • Refer and educate patients about resources;
  • Support patients in reaching their health and wellness goals
  • Support patients through their cancer journey.

For more information

Contact the PCN or talk to your doctor.
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