• 2016 Year in Review

    Colleen Lindholm | January 3, 2017

    Happy New Year! 

    Once again, I am pleased to highlight a few Camrose Primary Care Network (PCN) success stories from the past year.  This year marked the third and final year of our 2014-17 Business Plan and I am proud to acknowledge the continued work and efforts of our entire PCN team of physicians, healthcare providers and administration in meeting the primary healthcare needs of Camrose and Area through collaborative, comprehensive team based patient care. 

    Since 2008 we have seen our physician membership continue to grow. We are now a team of 48 physicians and 29 health care providers.  In 2016, five new physicians were recruited to practice within the Camrose PCN catchment area including Dr. Els, Dr. Minders, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Odetola, Dr. Botha and Dr. Botha.  In 2016 the PCN said goodbye to Dr. Ninian who retired.  We wish him and his family all the best.   

    This multidisciplinary team of family physicians, healthcare providers – each working to their full scope of practice - make up your “health home” serving an estimated 38,000 individuals within the PCN catchment area including the City of Camrose and Camrose, Beaver and Flagstaff Counties.   

    The Camrose PCN physicians and healthcare providers continue to offer collaborative and comprehensive team-based patient care of which I am very proud of. In addition to the multidisciplinary team based in Camrose, LPNs and RNs continue to practice alongside our family physicians in Bashaw, Hardisty, Daysland and Forestburg.  
    In the early months of 2016, the Camrose PCN was very pleased to host Associate Health Minister, the Honourable Brandy Payne and MLA Bruce Hinkley at the PCN recreation centre clinic, and had the opportunity to showcase the great work happening with primary care delivery in the catchment area.  In follow up to their visit, the Camrose PCN team was extended an invitation to visit the legislature in the spring and were welcomed during question period in the gallery as guests of the Honourable Sarah Hoffman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. We continue to appreciate and foster our relationship with the province. 

    Mid-year, the Camrose In-Patient Care Program (Hospitalist Program) commenced at Covenant Health, St. Mary’s Hospital. A hospitalist is a physician whose primary responsibility is to care for patients who have been admitted to hospital. They will see patients who are in hospital and who have been referred by their family physician, emergency room physician or specialist. The hospitalist is dedicated to being a patient’s physician throughout their hospital stay and is based in the hospital.  Also important is the transition of the patient from the hospital back into the community and their homes, which may include finding them a family physician to follow up with if they currently do not have one. 

    Fall of 2016, saw the expansion of the Camrose PCN Prenatal Clinic to include patients with newly confirmed pregnancies. The 0-40 care model has already increased patient numbers significantly at the Camrose PCN West End Clinic.  Patients are also able to access a multidisciplinary approach to their care, including time spent with the Camrose PCN registered nurses, and behavioural health consultant.  
    The Camrose PCN continued to provide Grief and Bereavement workshops, supporting individuals who have faced loss in their lives.  These workshops continue to be well attended with positive feedback.  The Camrose PCN was also pleased to partner with the Hospice Society of Camrose and District in support of their newly established grief and bereavement coordinator role in the community.      

    Geriatric and Fall Prevention Programming continues to see an increase in referrals.  In February, the Geriatric team participated in the Advancing Dementia Diagnosis & Management in Alberta workshop with a very well received poster presentation, and then in the spring participated in the “Watch Your Step” conference where experts from across Canada and around the world were brought together to share clinical advances, research excellence and policy innovations in fall and injury prevention.  

    For 2016, we continued to collaborate with 10 Edmonton and Area PCN's for the successful Get Out Get Active (GOGA) Campaign.  In February, as part of the Walkable Camrose Committee, we were very pleased to be part of a very successful Full Moon Walk on Winter Walk Day.  Another very successful collaboration was with our Camrose Recreation Centre partners as we worked together in hosting a senior’s event which showcased the programs and services of the centre.  

    Community awareness, engagement and building partnerships continued to be a focus for the Camrose PCN in 2016, with participation in Camrose Interagency, Flagstaff Family and Community Support Services, the Camrose Physician Attraction and Retention Committee, Camrose and District Hospice Society, Tofield Health Foundation, Camrose Seniors Coalition, Walkable Camrose, Camrose and Area Palliative Care Community of Practice Partners, Camrose Family Violence Response Council, Community Oncology Camrose Community of Practice, University of Alberta Augustana Campus, Alberta Health Services Pediatric Weight Management Programming and the Elder Safe Battle River Steering Committee. 

    In preparation for our 2017-20 Business Plan submission, the Camrose PCN conducted collaborative Town Hall Sessions in four communities within our catchment area as well stakeholder sessions for each of our current priority initiatives. Information collected will contribute significantly to the development of our business plan.  The 2016 Primary Care and You Survey, conducted in November, also provided very helpful information, giving us input from over 650 individuals and their experiences with primary care.   

    I would like to thank all of our associated clinics, communities and stakeholders for supporting these important activities. It our goal to align this key information with the province’s primary care goals and objectives in order to develop and implement local primary care solutions for individuals within our PCN catchment area that support the population health needs.   

    At this time I wish to thank the Camrose LPCI Ltd. Board of Directors for their direction and work in ensuring effective governance structures continue to be in place for accountability at all levels within the PCN.  PCN accountability and effectiveness remain a priority and goal.  2016 Directors include:  Dr. Nichol, Dr. Letley, Dr. Pasha, Dr. Bredesen and Dr. Niemann.  
    I also wish to thank our joint governance representatives Andrea Thain Liptak and Leanne Grant for their continued support. I appreciate your level of commitment to the Camrose PCN as well as continued advocating for funding and compensation models that are sufficient and appropriate to support PCN team based care.   

    I am excited for 2017 as we look to sustain and strengthen current partnerships as well as initiate and establish new relationships to offer quality primary care.  It is a privilege to serve as the Camrose PCN Executive Director.   

    Wishing you a prosperous New Year! 
    Stacey L. Strilchuk, Executive Director, Camrose Primary Care Network 

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