• Living Your Best Life with Cancer and Beyond – Upcoming Events

    Colleen Lindholm | September 13, 2012

    Two upcoming events to help cancer survivors

    More than 100,000 people in Alberta have been treated for cancer, and many of them suffer psychological distress, feel immobilized by fears of the cancer coming back and have difficulties resuming work and family routines.

    To help people cope with the aftermath of their disease, the Camrose Primary Care Network, along with CancerBridges and Wellspring Calgary, are collaborating to host two free events open to cancer survivors and their caregivers/families, as well as health care professionals in our community.

    The Cancer Symposium on October 20th will share the latest research about survivorship and provide information on simple and practical ways to help make the transition back into everyday life when living with a cancer diagnosis.  The symposium will also be helpful and informative to caregivers and families, as well as healthcare professionals who work cancer patients and their families.

    “Survivors may suffer with existential and spiritual concerns about death and dying and look at the future in a new way, one that their families and friends may not understand,” says Mike Lang, Program Coordinator at CancerBridges.  “Our research indicates that many cancer survivors struggle with ongoing physical symptoms as well as achieving life balance and a purpose.”

    The Symposium will feature six highly acclaimed speakers which include:

    • Janine Giese-Davis, Ph.D. - Support For Living Your Best Life Fall 2012 – Highlights of Survivorship Research and New Developments;
    • Dr. Kevin Wallace - Living Well With Cancer;
    • John Bruce - Survivor Story “Cancer, Come Sit By Me”;
    • Mike Lang, Cancer Bridges - Survivor Story and Film;
    • Dr. Linda Carlson - Complementary Therapies for Cancer Survivors: What works?
    • Lisa Belanger, MSc, PhD Candidate - Exercise and Cancer Survivorship.

    The day prior to the Cancer Symposium, on Friday, October 19th, the PCN is very pleased to partner with Calgary Wellspring in offering Healing and Cancer – a Full Day Retreat with Dr. Rob Rutledge from Dalhousie University.  Dr. Rutledge is a leading Canadian Oncologist and provider of integrative health programs, and author of “Healing Circle”. 

    The retreat is designed for people with a diagnosis of cancer and accompanying family member or caregiver.  Participants will learn about complete cancer care, stress reduction techniques, the body-mind-spirit connection, meditation and includes small and large group discussions.

    "A day-long seminar is the perfect opportunity to learn and practice the healing skills that can make a tremendous difference after a cancer diagnosis.  People will learn how to get the best care from the medical system, the healthy lifestyle habits and proven skills like meditation and stress-reduction. And it's a great way to connect with others on the healing journey," says Dr. Rutledge.

    “Wellspring Calgary is so pleased to be working collaboratively with Camrose PCN on this ‘Journey of Wellness’.  We have had the honour of several workshops with Dr. Rob Rutledge and know that our members value his work and his writing highly.  Increasingly compelling research emerges about the value of dealing with cancer in an integrative approach, working on the body, mind and spirit,” says Anna Carnell, Program Manager, Wellspring Calgary.
    Carnell adds, “Dr. Rob Rutledge embodies this ethic with great warmth and humanity.  A board member of CAPO, Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology, and CPOP, Canadian Psychosocial Oncology Partnership, he makes it a priority to facilitate collaboration and ongoing dialogue and research in this area.”

    “The Camrose PCN physicians and team of health care providers have recognized the importance of committing to providing support to individuals that have been diagnosed with cancer and are very excited about bringing these events to our community,” says Stacey Strilchuk, PCN Executive Director. “We are fortunate to have the experts from CancerBridges, Wellspring Calgary and Dr. Rob Rutledge to collaborate with us in supporting, informing, and empower patients, families and caregivers of those travelling a cancer journey, in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them.”

    The Alberta CancerBridges (Building Research Innovation into the Development and Growth of Excellence in Survivorship Care) team is a large provincial collection of people with special interest in researching and delivering evidence-based survivorship care. The team members include researchers, physicians, oncologists and survivors located mostly in Alberta. For more information about CancerBridges, visit their web-site at www.cancerbridges.ca.

    Wellspring Calgary is a charitable organization which supports, informs and empowers those diagnosed with cancer by helping them address the fear, isolation, disruption and practical problems which cancer can bring to their lives. In operation since 2007 and an affiliate of the Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation in Toronto, Wellspring Calgary programs and services are informed by evidence and offered free of charge and without referral in a warm, caring, and welcoming community-based centre nestled in the trees near the Bow River. For more information, visit their website at www.wellspringcalgary.com.

    Details of events

    Healing and Cancer – a Full Day Retreat with Dr. Rob Rutledge
    Friday, October 19th
    9am – 4pm
    Edgeworth Centre Community Room #2 – first 30 registrants will be accepted

    Living Your Best Life with Cancer and Beyond – A Cancer Symposium
    Saturday, October 20th
    9am to 1pm
    Bailey Theatre - 5041 50th Street Camrose – first 200 registrants will be accepted

    Both events are FREE. Registration is on a first come first serve basis by calling 780.608.4927 or email pam@camrosepcn.com


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