• Balance & Mobility Classes

    Rebecca Topping | July 31, 2018

    We are excited to announce that Alberta Health Services will be offering free, 8-week programs for seniors who feel that they are at risk for falling. There participants will learn how to minimize their risk. An assessment by an exercise specialist is included and required to begin the program. These programs will be offered in 3 areas: 

    Daysland: Assessments begin Sept 14 with sessions occurring at the Daysland Health Centre and Providence Place

    Flagstaff: Assessments begin Sept 5 with sessions occurring at the Big Knife Villa and Galahad Health Centre

    Hardisty: Assessments begin Sept 19 with sessions occurring at Hardisty Health Centre.

    To register for these programs (and registration is required), please call Susan McDougall at (780) 374-3815.

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