• Stop Being a Yo-Yo! Dr. Sharma is coming to Camrose

    Colleen Lindholm | August 22, 2013

    Are you frustrated by your weight?  Are you stuck at a weight-loss plateau?  Have you spent hundreds of dollars on weight loss diets and products, only to put the weight back on?  Are you still hoping for that magic fix? Or, are you convinced you have the answer?

    If you, or someone in your family, struggles with excess weight (as do one in three Canadians), here is your chance to laugh and learn with Dr. Arya Sharma, Canada’s leading expert on obesity and weight management.

    With over 300 scientific articles under his belt, Dr. Sharma says, “It is now time to take the ‘show’ on the road – there are so many misconceptions and myths about obesity and weight loss – it is hard to even know where to begin.”

    In his “show,” Dr. Sharma breaks down in simple terms why exercise is really more about calories ‘in’ than about calories ‘out.’  He also tackles the role of stress, sleep and self-esteem in weight loss and weight management. 

    These and other topics, including what works and what doesn’t, setting realistic goals and some of the lesser known drivers of weight gain (like the bugs that live in your gut) will be tackled in Dr. Sharma’s entertaining and uplifting show, “Stop Being a Yo-Yo:  A Lighter Look at the Ups and Downs of Weight Loss” (September 17, 2013, The Bailey Theatre, 5041-50 Street, Camrose at 7:00 p.m.)  

    The event will be followed by a ‘no-holds-barred’ Question and Answer session. Tickets are $10 (at the door) and all proceeds will go to support the Canadian Obesity Network (RSVP online at www.drsharma.ca/events). 

    As a sample of some of the things Dr. Sharma will be talking about on September 17, he has a simple piece of advice to us all:  “Health is not measured in pounds.  Yes, excess weight can be an important health problem, but not everyone with a few extra pounds needs to lose weight and not everyone who is skinny is healthy.” 

    In his research, Dr. Sharma doesn’t just look at what people eat or how much they exercise. Rather, he says, “It is far more important to understand WHY people do what they do.”  As he points out, fast food is not a ‘food’ problem, it is a ‘time’ problem – many of us simply don’t take enough time to eat. 

    If there is one person who can present the latest in scientific research in a simple and accessible fashion, it’s Dr. Sharma, with his unique brand of ‘say-it-like-it-is’ humor.  

    His widely read obesity blog (www.drsharma.ca) is not afraid to tackle controversies and has a worldwide following.  As he points out: “As a supposedly serious scientist, I’m surprised at having 12,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook and 4,500 followers on Twitter. I must be saying something that people are not hearing elsewhere.”

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