Colleen Lindholm | April 30, 2012

    Congratulations participants of the Camrose PCN 90 day
    2012 HOLOHOLO Virtual Trek!

    Harvey Litke ( and Jalene Johnson from the Fitness Center and Stacey)You walked, ran, swam, biked, danced and MOVED!! The virtual trek was created to provide a fun way for you to works towards a healthier you and you are well on your way!!

    The 2012 HOLOHOLO Hawaii Virtual Trek, which began on February 1st had over 415 participants joining in on this unique fitness challenge – together logging over 170 million steps. You virtually travelled to places like Honolulu, Lanai, Makena and Puako, which not only increased your physical and mental well-being, you received valuable health tips along your journey.

    A key partner in the success of this year’s trek is the Augustana Fitness Center. They have played a substantial role to the success of the trek this year with keeping track of participant’s progress on their bulletin board, being a part of the kick-off and wind-up events as well as providing the grand prize of a One Year Membership to the individual who logged the most steps. In partnership with Jalene and Deanna from the Fitness Center, the PCN is excited to announce this year’s winner, logging 4,362,700 steps ( 3,305 kms), is Harvey Litke! Way to go Harvey – you are an inspiration to us all! There were also teams which participated – working together as a group to make their way around the islands – motivating each other each step of the way. The PCN is pleased to announce the group SHIFT HAPPENS as the 2012 winners! Members of Shift Happens include Alyssa Clarkson, Bob Whitrow, Tracy Cross, Cheryl Clarkson, Rhonda Erickson, Jessica Suzanski, Jennifer Gibson, Wendy Blaeser and Jalene Johnson.

    “This was a great campaign for our community,” says PCN Family Physician Dr. Diana Peters.
    “I am really impressed with the numbers of patients that have enjoyed the experience.”

    The PCN received a lot of positive feedback on the virtual trek tool – with people using it as a tool to keep them motivated in their fitness activities. To keep the momentum going, the PCN is pleased to announce people will be able to continue using the tool for their own personal fitness journey until the 2013 Virtual Trek. While the official PCN trek is complete, we encourage everyone to use it as their own personal fitness tool. Even if you didn’t join the official trek – it’s not too late to join!! See how many times you can make it around the islands over the next year! Reward yourself each time you make it!

    HOLOHOLO participant Lynn Jenkinson is happy the trek tool will continue to be made available. “That's great news because I don't walk enough to make it around the islands and now I know I can finish my way around the islands!” Jenkinson then jokingly adds, “Thank you for letting the slow turtles in the race with the finish the trek.” Jenkinson plans to increase her step activities when gardening season begins.

    To learn more about continuing on the trek or to register for your own journey, please visit our Virtual Trek page. AHUIHO (AHHWHOOEEHOE = until we meet again)


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