• Circle of Support

    Rebecca Topping | March 5, 2018

    For new mothers, having a baby is an adjustment. Sleepless nights, constant demands on your time, and a new little person that seems to know when you get into the shower, having a baby takes a lot out of you. Emotional ups and downs are natural at this stage, but if there are more downs than ups, if nerves keep you from getting any rest, if you are completely overwhelmed, it can be more than just "the baby blues." If you're struggling with your feelings, talk to your doctor to get help. 

    There are lots of ways to get help if you are diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety. Councelling, medication, and support groups can help relieve those feelings. That's why Alberta Health Services is offering the Circle of Support. This support group gives mothers a way to learn about their feelings and see that they are not alone. 

    This particular group is already full, but more groups are coming in the future so keep an eye on this page or call the Mental Health office for more information. 

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