• Returning to Work/School after COVID-19

    Camrose Primary Care Network | June 17, 2021

    Returning to work or school:

    After COVID-19, it’s important to slowly return to your regular activities. Everyone returns to work, school, or other regular activities at a different rate or pace.

    When is the right time to go back?

    Some people feel well enough to go back to work or school as soon as they’re done isolating. Other people may have symptoms such as feeling very tired, shortness of breath and trouble with memory for many months. These symptoms can make it h​arder to return to regular activities. If you’re still having symptoms, it might be too early to go back to your activities. Talk to your healthcare provider about what’s best for you.

    How can I make going back to work or school easier?

    Don’t try to do everything you used to do until you feel ready. As you recover, it may be best to go back to your regular work or school routine gradually. This could mean:

    Talking to your employer about a gradual return to work, changing your work hours, or working from home.
    Taking on a role that is easier for you to manage as you recover.
    Making sure to take breaks.
    Making a plan with your principal or teachers for how to learn at your own pace.
    Getting support for childcare.


    For more help, contact your family healthcare provider or call Health Link at 811.

    Article provided by Alberta Health Services. 

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