• November 4th Grief and Bereavement Workshop

    Colleen Lindholm | October 19, 2016

    Expressing our condolences in a sympathy card to a co-worker, friend, or neighbor is the customary way to acknowledge bereavement. However, the awkwardness of a face to face meeting, without the words of Hallmark to back us up, often leave us at a loss for words. Clichés can be offensive, avoiding the subject with idle chatter is not helpful or worse yet ignoring the bereaved person—you may breathe a sigh of relief because you have time to change directions without making eye contact. 
    The Camrose Primary Care Network (PCN) is pleased to offer a one day Bereavement and Grief workshop on Friday, Nov 4, 2016 which explores society’s perceptions and expectations when we speak of bereavement, grief and mourning.
    “Since 2011, we have met hundreds of wonderful people who have taught us the uniqueness of grief and loss. This seminar is for everyone. Learn how to walk alongside another who is suffering loss (of any type). Understand the nature of grief and how it affects your physical, mental, emotional, cognitive and social realms. There may be tears, sure to be laughter and likely a shift in your perspective when it comes to understanding the ritual of mourning.” says facilitator, Donna Lynne Erickson (Certified Grief Facilitator)
    This workshop is for people who are coping with grief and loss, as well as for people interested in becoming “grief helpers” – co-workers, family members or even physicians and health care professionals supporting people going through a loss and some of the content includes:

    • How to be a companion/grief helper to someone who has experienced a loss.
    • Types of loss: loss of mobility, loss of health, loss of earning potential
    • The importance of integrating loss into our own lives first.
    • That everyone’s grief journey is unique and that we all grieve differently.
    • How to recognize signs of complicated grief.
    • How to access appropriate community resources.

    “Walking alongside another person in the grief journey is in itself a learning experience. There are no set rules or steps or instructions to fix those who mourn. Life changes with each loss experienced. Learn how to create a safe place for people to work through their new reality—without judgment or shame. There is no cure, no drug, and no power to get things back to the way it was before the loss event. But there is hope,” adds Erickson
    “No one is exempt from the heartache of losing a loved one—so let's learn together how we can help each other.” says facilitator, Colette Howery (Retired RN, Certificate in Grief Support).
    “PCN physicians and staff are really pleased with the success of the grief and bereavement workshops which we have offered for over four years now," states Stacey Strilchuk, Camrose PCN Executive Director. "Participant feedback has been extremely positive and we know we are making a difference in people's lives by offering this type of support in the community."

    The Camrose Public Library will be host to the November workshop. "The PCN is very appreciative of the Camrose Public Library in offering to host this workshop," states Strilchuk. “They hosted a workshop for us in May which was extremely successful – they are a great venue to hold these type of workshops. We want to thank them for sponsoring the morning and afternoon refreshments, room rental and helping to advertise for this event."
    This free workshop, being held at the Camrose Library on Friday, November 4th, 4710 50 Ave, will run from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm and includes lunch.
    To receive more information or to register, please contact the Camrose PCN at 780-608-4927. Space is limited so call today. Registrations will be taken until November 2, 2016.

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