• A prescription to get you moving more

    Colleen Lindholm | January 30, 2017

    Donna Pederson and right: Sylvia Shewchun

    Talking to your doctor about being more active could have you end up with a prescription in your hands – and not the kind you think!  The Prescription to Get Active (RxTGA) program is now up and running in Camrose, which allows your family doctor and Camrose PCN healthcare providers to write you an actual prescription for physical activity. 

    The prescription is intended for low-risk but inactive patients, helping them increase their physical activity levels and improve overall health, by providing free access to a participating recreational facility. 

    In Camrose, Rx2GA has partnered with Augustana Fitness Centre and The City of Camrose Recreation Centre. They are offering one month passes to either the Fitness Centre, Aquatic Centre lane swim, Aquatic Centre aquatic classes or the City of Camrose indoor walking track.  The program was started this past September and people are already experiencing success using the program. 

    “The Prescription to Get Active program gave us the extra ‘drive’ we needed to get active,” stated aqua fit participants Donna Pederson and Sylvia Shewchun.   “I absolutely love coming to the pool now,” added Shewchun enthusiastically. “Getting the prescription from my doctor pushed my spirit to ‘just do it’! And I like having a variety of activities for me to choose one from to get started exercising.”

    “This has helped me be so much more active – and I love the social element to an active lifestyle.  This is like play for us!  I now have the desire to keep coming and continue to move more every day,” agreed Pederson.
    “If you go to your family doctor’s office, or if you see a healthcare provider at any of the Camrose Primary Care Network clinics, have a conversation with them about your options to increase your physical activity,” says Stacey Strilchuk, Camrose PCN Executive Director.  “If the program is appropriate for you, you will receive a prescription which you can redeem at either of the two Rx2GA partners in Camrose - Augustana Fitness Centre or the City of Camrose Recreation Centre,” added Strilchuk.

    “This is a great opportunity for individuals to find an activity which will be the best fit for daily life and try it out.  We are very appreciative to the City of Camrose and Augustana Fitness Centre for their participation in this program.”

    The goal of the program is for individuals to experience success doing an activity they enjoy, motivating them to continue being more active in any way possible. Some people may decide to become physically active on their own outdoors or at home – perhaps taking more neighbourhood walks or joining a community sports league. 

    “Being more active, in many cases, is one of the best ways to help manage both physical conditions and mental health concerns,” says Connie Harrison, Camrose PCN Exercise Specialist. “This program can support individuals by providing access to starting low intensity activity that’s relevant and appropriate for them,” she noted.
    She added: “We are hoping this program encourages people to start talking to their family doctor or PCN healthcare provider about how activity can help them manage their health conditions.”

    Want to see if the walking track is right for you? Connie Harrison, Camrose PCN exercise specialist, will be offering a 10 minute orientation session every Thursday morning at 9:30 am at the upstairs walking track in the Camrose Recreation Centre. This will be a drop in opportunity to give you a quick tour and instructions for using the track.  The goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident using the track.

    Visit www.PrescriptionToGetActive.com to check out participating recreation centres, locations and offers.

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