• #PinkShirtDay

    Rebecca Topping | February 28, 2018

    Today, the Camrose Primary Care Network wears pink to stand against bullying in all its forms and to promote healthy relationships and communities. 

    Did you know there are four different types of bullying behaviours? Physical bullying comes in the form of any unwanted physical contact such as poking, pinching, or elbowing. Verbal bullying uses words to put someone down. Social bullying is a group issue where several members of a group together gang up or isolate someone; social bullying can also include spreading rumours or gossiping. Cyber bullying uses the internet to attack someone through social media, email, or text messages. 

    We often conflate bullying behaviours to children, but bullying can be prevalent through all age groups. That's why the Camrose PCN wears pink to remind us all that bullying is wrong and we won't stand for it in our community.

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