• Are you ready to HOLOHOLO?

    Colleen Lindholm | January 20, 2012

    (HOLOHOLO = to walk or travel for fun)

    The Camrose PCN has a fun way for you to works towards a healthier you!  And while the PCN wishes it could send you all to a warm tropical climate, we think we have come up with the next best thing!

    The 2012 HOLOHOLO Hawaii Virtual Trek, starts on February 1st and runs until April 30th – and the PCN wants you to join us in this fun and unique fitness challenge!  You can join individually, or join together with some friends, family or your co-workers as a team! This is a challenge for all ages!

    The 2012 PCN HOLOHOLO Hawaii Virtual Trek is a 90 day on-line program which keeps track of your physical fitness activities (walking, running, swimming, basketball, cycling, etc.), and then turns them into steps, which then “virtually” takes you around the Hawaiian Islands.  Participating is easy and totally free and you can win great prizes along the way! The grand prize is a one year fitness membership courtesy of the Augustana Fitness Center!

    The intention of the virtual trek is to keep people motivated and active with their fitness activities, adding something fun and unique to work towards. It’s important to keep up an active lifestyle throughout the winter months! Keeping active not only keeps you physically fit, it’s good for your mental well-being and overall health. The PCN ran the “Camrose Steps Out” virtual trek in 2010/11 with great success, with over 500 people registering in the program – logging over 415 million steps!

    Here’s how you can get started for the 2012 HOLOHOLO:

    • Register by visiting our HoloHolo Virtual Trek page and then clicking the HoloHolo with the CPCN link. (If you are joining as a team, please call 780-608-4940 for more information).
    • Start keeping track of your fitness activities and log onto HoloHolo with the CPCN regularly to enter your steps! The program will also calculate other activities such as swimming, biking, basketball etc. into steps so all fitness activities can count towards your steps.  The more steps you take, the more times around the Hawaiian Islands you will travel and the closer you get to the grand prize of the one year fitness membership and – a healthier YOU!
    • Once you have registered, you can come into the PCN office at the Edgeworth Center to get a free PCN wrist band.
    • FIRST 200 registered participants receive a free PCN pedometer used to count daily number of steps and measure activity levels. (can be picked up at the PCN office at the Edgeworth Center)
    • The Hawaiian Trek is 1,000 km, so it is 1,320,000 steps in total. At about 14,000 steps per day you can make it around the entire islands in 90 days.
    • There will be prizes awarded for each time someone makes it around the islands! Watch for the award to pop up on the screen to claim your prize! The more times you make it around, the more prizes you’ll earn.
    • A key partner is the Augustana Fitness Center. They are playing a substantial role to the success of the trek this year with providing the grand prize of a One Year Membership to the individual who logs the most steps. 
    • Another great promotion the Fitness Center is offering in conjunction with the PCN HOLOHOLO virtual trek, is a special HOLOHOLO 90 day 90 dollar Membership – exclusive for virtual trek participants!  This offer is only available February 1st – February 8th for people that have registered for the Virtual Trek.  So if you’ve ever been thinking of getting fit – now is the time! On February 1st sign up for the PCN Virtual Trek, and head on over to get your HOLOHOLO membership at the Augustana Fitness Center.


    Kicking off the PCN 2012 HOLOHOLO Virtual Trek will be an event at the Edgeworth Center at noon, Wednesday, February 1st, upstairs at the running track. We invite you to come and enjoy some healthy refreshments, take a couple laps around the track with us, win great prizes and HOLOHOLO.  But first, be sure to register at HoloHolo with the CPCN.   For more information, please call the PCN at 780-608-4927.


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