• Vaccines Work

    Camrose Primary Care Network | June 22, 2021

    Your family physicians and pharmacists have been educating themselves on the #COVID19Vaccine, and because they also know your history, family and circumstances, they can make recommendations that are right for you. Very few may be vulnerable to complications, but without vaccine protection, we know that even healthy Albertans are at risk of severe illness and death from this virus. If you have questions or are feeling unsure about getting vaccinated, your trusted pharmacists and family physicians are here to discuss your concerns. We are committed to making you comfortable with getting your COVID-19 vaccine.

    Remember that immunization is safe and makes your immune system stronger by building antibodies to help prevent disease. Vaccines are the single most effective means of protecting yourself, your loved ones and the greater community from #COVID19.

    We (the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association, Alberta College of Family Physicians, Alberta Primary Care Networks and the Alberta Medical Association) are here to help you get past the pandemic. You can help, too, by getting vaccinated.

    The COVID-19 vaccination is available at participating family physician offices or #PrimaryCare Networks, participating pharmacies or an #ABHealth Services vaccination site: https://www.alberta.ca/covid19-vaccine.aspx

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