• Join us for Winter Walk Day, Feb 4th

    Colleen Lindholm | January 13, 2015

    The Camrose PCN is pleased to be a part of the Walkable Camrose Committee and this great community event on Feb. 4th.  Here is what you need to know about the event!

    • Walking is great for our health, the environment, reducing traffic and building community! Every winter thousands of Albertans celebrate winter and walking by participating in Winter Walk Day in February.
    • In celebration of Winter Walk Day, the Walkable Camrose Committee has partnered with the City of Camrose and the Camrose Walkers group to host the Winter Walk Day Full Moon Walk.
    • The hour long walk will begin at the Stoney Creek Centre at 6:30 PM and will give community members of all ages an opportunity to enjoy a walk on our city’s picturesque trails while under a full moon.
    • Those who plan to participate in the walk are encouraged to bring a camera as the full moon will likely be spectacular. 
    • Community members are welcome to enjoy complimentary hot beverages inside the Stoney Creek Centre after the walk. The hot beverages are courtesy of the Camrose Primary Care Network.

    Tips to keep warm and dry for winter walking:
    Check the weather forecast and be sure to pay attention to the windchill index. This index likens the way your skin feels to the temperature on a calm day. For example, if the outside temperature is -10°C and the wind chill is -20, it means that your face will feel as cold as it would on a calm day when the temperature is -20°C

    • Dress in breathable layers to keep warm and avoid overheating
    • Wear a hat. Most of your body heat is lost through your head.
    • Wear warm, waterproof boots, roomy enough to allow wiggle room for your toes.
    • Ensure that your footwear has good grip for snow/icy areas

    For more information, please contact Donna Duff with the Camrose Walkers group at ddmeetups@gmail.com or Lucy Ernst on behalf of Walkable Camrose Committee at (780) 679-2968.

    Camrose Walkers – is a local walking group, started by Donna Duff. This group is currently comprised of 39 individuals who regularly meet to walk outdoors on various routes within our City. New members are welcome.

    Walkable Camrose – is a local committee comprised of community partners who meet monthly to look at ways to enhance recreation and destination walking in our community. This group is currently focusing on safety, accessibility and creating a culture of walking. New committee members are welcome.


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